Tuesday, September 16, 2014

PharmAthene Shares Sell off Hard!!

Today unfortunately was not the greatest day for shares of PharmAthene, Inc.(NYSEMKT:PIP) as they have sold off close to 15% after news broke that Siga Technologies was filing for bankruptcy, and will avoid a court ordered payment to PharmAthene because of that filing. Shares over the past 52 weeks have traded hands for as high as $2.59 and as low as $1.19. Shares at this moment are trading hands for around $1.88. From what I have read online there was a dispute over an licensing agreement. The Judge found that SIGA was in BREACH or Breaching the agreement, and as a result ordered to pay PharmAthene. Siga has decided to file for voluntary bankruptcy, which buys the company time to appeal the ruling and also allows it to continue supplying the drug that caused the battle. What are your thoughts and opinions on this topic.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Baidu.com Stock Update! (BIDU)

Baidu.com, Inc (ADR) (NASDAQ:BIDU) -  a Chinese language Internet search provider for web pages, audio files, news, images and multimedia through links provided on their website.

Since my Last Blog Post about shares of (NASDAQ:BIDU) on 1/29/13 4:26 PM shares had popped from $108.00 per diluted share to $113.56. Shares ended up closing that day around $109.50 per diluted share. It was in that post that I mentioned Q4 Earnings coming up on the 4th of February , 2013. However I still felt strongly that shares could move big depending on how earnings played out. Well Shares closed September 12 4:00 PM ET down about 1% or $217.96 per diluted share. Facts are with Q3 Earnings set to be released at or around Oct. 27, 2014, this may be a perfect time to again look at adding these shares to your Watch Lists. WHY? To simply put it, Shares over the past month have exchanged hands for as high as $231.40, and during this month shares have actually sold off just under 1%, and YTD Shares are still up over $40.00 per diluted share over 22% Returns. Meaning I still see shares having the Potential to climb even higher. WHY? Well there is under 28 M shares outstanding to the public, and it is estimated that shares are trading at or around  a 39 - 40 range of Potential Earnings a range that could easily drop dramatically to a more accepted number if shares produce a large increase this coming Quarter. My feels are simple, this company is still in a Large Growth Stage one of which could continue in 2020. I think shares could climb as high as $260.00 by the end of the Year which is a easy $40.00 per share increase and Increase that can easily happen if Earnings blow out expectations. 

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Cool Apps to help save Change!

I came across an awesome app this past week. The app is called ACORNS, and can be found in the app store. It is free and is very easy to set up. The app allows you to save money easily. What it does is it rounds up all of your purchases via your debit card and credit card. It then puts this change into and account, The account of which you can purchase different investments in for ETFs at no commission and or charges for your purchases. There is a fee of which is charged monthly but with the fact that you are able to make daily purchases and sales with no commission or fees it really doesn't matter. I highly recommend looking up this app in the apps store. I know personally myself I have a bank account of which does take or round up my debit charges and then puts the loose change in my savings account however there's no interest or interest is so minimal it would take me years to gain just a dollar an interest. Obviously it would be better for me to have my loose change going into an account like this where I can actually make a return. Again there is risk involved in there are fees that you need to look into if you are to make an account. At the end of the day though there's no question about it this app is awesome. Voice your Opinions below.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Ways to save Money!

Saving money in many people's eyes is very difficult.

However if you can value money and the respect of how difficult it is to save it actually becomes easier.

Here is a quick and easy step that you can add to your daily life that can help you save money.

Above all you need to be realistic with yourself and be honest. There are many things that people do not need but think they need. If you can program your self to start to realize what things you do not need and what you do your life and your ability to save will become much easier. 


* Do you really need a brand-new car?
* Do you need to have that top-of-the-line cell phone?
* Why pay for the highest gym membership?
* Bring your lunch to work don't buy!

Having a brand-new car can be costly. Not only can your insurance run much higher but your property tax on your vehicle may be double or even triple a used vehicle. 

Why pay for the top-of-the-line cell phone when you can still use a regular old-fashioned cell phone which would takie off an easy $30-$50 off your cell phone bill on a monthly basis.

What's the point in paying for the higher membership at the regular gym to get a discount on drinks and food?

Be serious don't buy your lunch make your lunch it has been estimated that you could spend half as much to make your lunch than to buy it.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

What Happend to Sears?

Sears.... a company that is known by almost everyone as a Retail Giant is continuing to Earnings issues. Sears Holding Corporation (NASDAQ:SHLD) is struggling with its cash and burning an estimated $300 Million in cash each of last few quarters dating back to mid point of last year. Well it will be surprising to see what happens over the coming quarters ahead but this is not the greatest of news especially for the 120 year old company that not only has satisfied my customer desires more that few times in my life. Facts are I think this company will be able to get out of this situation in time. It may take 5 maybe even 10 more years but I do think they have plenty of money, and will work at freeing up plenty more during this time span as well. Not do not take this as me saying I like shares, but I think at some point in time it may be an interesting investment to look at but currently at the moment I would not even waste my time having them on my Watch List.

What are your thoughts? Voice them below!!

LinkedIn a Buy?

LinkedIn Corp (NYSE:LNKD) - An online Professional Network website of which has approximately 277 Million Members stretching across 200 countries and territories around the world.

Over the past 52 weeks shares have exchanged hands for as low as $136.02, and as high as $257.56 closing Friday August 22, 2014 at $226.40 up over (3%) on the day just over $7.00 per diluted share. YTD shares have only climbed about $9.50 per diluted share just over a (4.4%) return. On top of that over the past 1 Year, shares have actually slipped selling off over (5.8%) just about $14.00 per diluted share. Now do you think it is surprising that news has surfaced that a LinkedIn Corp insider selling has been going on? No not really considering what I have just mention shares over that past one month are actually up over $54.00 per diluted share over (30%) returns. So does this explain why insiders may have sold? HMMM........not really but hey let me tell you this. If I could put my bet on one company making big bucks down the road, I would have to suggest that this company would be the one, and the potential in third world markets is just not even describable. That is why in my opinion this stock is a keeper, and still a stock to Add to your Watch Lists.

Thursday, August 21, 2014


The Dow Jonws Industrial Average climbed today to closer over the 17000 mark. Many say this is a result of unemployment benefits, however I tend to disagree and do not believe that this is why the market continues its slow uptrend. Personally I think there is a number of reasons, but in the end the main being the fact that people do not want to invest in countries outside of the USA, and on top of this companies continue to Buy Back Stock at levels unheard of. What are your thoughts??