Saturday, October 11, 2014

Are shares of KING Oversold?

King Digital Entertainment PLC (NYSE:KING) - Since shares of (NYSE:KING) IPO'd back in March of this year shares traded as high as $23.48, and as low as $12.00. Shares closed Friday up $0.21 per diluted share around a (1.73%) return for the day closing at $12.32. With around 120 M outstanding shares to the public it may make sense to now add this company to your Watch Lists. Why you ask? To be short simply common shares are not only trading hands for a little over 3 Times P/E which is crazy, but lets not forget how massive the actual market is that this company operates in. The Video Game Market, where currently King Digital offers over 180 + titles in over 200 + countries around the globe. Most of these games of which are played on Websites like Facebook, and are available via Google Play, Amazon, Apple App Store which shows their potential on both the Android, but the IPhone Markets as well. King Digital Entertainments most well known games include Candy Crush Saga, and Pet Rescue and it is estimated that over 130 Million Plus Daily Active Users play these games more than 1.3 Billion times per day. Lets just face it they have vary catchy games, and games that bring the player back often. 
With where shares are trading at now, it really would make a lot of sense to add this company to your Watch List. There is no doubt in my mind that this company has possibly just struck rock bottom, and only can go up from here. 

Angies List Stock Continues to Sell OFF?

Angies List, Inc of which operates a consumer driven service for their members to research hire, rate, and review local small business companies such as home, health care, and the auto market. Other services include home remodeling, plumbing, roof repair. At the end of the 2013 year Angies List had an estimated 2.54 Million subscribers across 253 markets in the USA. These members have access to reviews over the internet, smartphone, and even the telephone.

Angie's List Inc (NASDAQ:ANGI) - Over the past 52 weeks shares have exchanged hands for as high as $19.80, and as low as $6.28. Friday shares closed hands down $0.20 per diluted share to close for the week at $7.56. With under 60 M shares outstanding this stock is to risky for me to want to recommend adding this stock to your Watch Lists.  The only Interesting thing that I actually like about this current company is the Company's main market of which is married couples from the ages of 35 - 64, of which own a home, are college educated and of whom have a annual household income over $100,000. So in terms of its current cater market this is good. These are the types of people of whom do not have a problem affording the services, and of whom will defiantly probably be long term customers as long as they receive decent service. Other than this I think Angies was being a little to risky in making a purchase in a online start up company by the name of SmartHabitat Inc back in August of 2013.

Moving forward all I can say about this company is you have much competition out there and may have a vary bumpy road moving forward GoodLuck. 

What do you think about Shares of Angie's List (NASDAQ:ANGI) any opinions ?

Friday, October 10, 2014

Stocks get ROCKED!

What a week to remember for the USA Stock Market performing at its worst since May of 2012. Stocks of which were hit hardest was Technology. Today the Dow Jones Industrial lost 115 Points, around 0.7 percent to close at 16,544. The Standard and Poors 500 Stock index lost around 22 points or 1.2 percent to close around 1,906, with the NASDAQ falling 102 points to close down 2.3 percent ending the week trading at 4,276.

Best part about this whole week of trading was after the Dow had its biggest Gains of the year on Wednesday it had its Biggest Decline of the Year Thursday. This Roller Coaster of a Week shows how the markets still are not Stable and not Stable at all. This also shows their really is deep concern for Inflation, and also concern for a bad end of the year for Earnings, did I forget to mention the FED coming out and suggesting that rates may not be raised for now.

For a Young Person like myself you have to Love Times like this. You also have to love the potential for the Markets to continue down for a few months. This only opens up opportunity to take advantages of marked up investments and get them at a more affordable value. My number one stock tip of the day is to be smart and on weeks like this increase your 401k Contributions. On top of that make sure that you also continue to not have fear when things like this happen as it has been shown ones who do end up selling out to early. For the coming months ahead I have to ask this simple question and it is Where Do You See Stocks Going? and are you going to be fearful? or optimistic?

Monday, October 6, 2014

Is it time to buy SIRIUS Radio?

Sirius XM Holdings Inc. (SIRI) -
Recently Sirius XM has repurchased an estimated $2.2 Billion of its outstanding shares. This sadly coming a little later than many would of wanted. However things were much different than they are now. Sirius XM's free cash flow is eyeing a near one 1.1 billion in free cash flow for the 2014 year, this coming after $927 million last year. Facts are companies business model has high forced costs but low variable expenses. On top of this self pay subscribers grew by an estimated 8% last year with revenues and cash flows climbing an estimated 12% and 31%. Pretty solid numbers if you ask me. Especially with the future of there potential growth in the air plane industry, and car industry. As I am a subscriber of Sirius obviously I like there services but still think they need to work on having a better playlists as it seems as though sometimes most stations only play top 20's in their catergories which can get a little boring. At this point and time I highly recommend adding these shares to your watch list.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

App To Help Save Money!

There are millions of apps out there and many of which can easily help you save money. One of my favorites is an app called boxed! It allows for you to buy product like the convenient style of Costco, just on a more convient level. No more having to go to the store and wait in a line. It's as simple as 123. Definitely a app you should download. It's free and is available in the app store. Tell me what you think leave your comments below.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Healthcare Stocks to Find!

Obviously the healthcare system is a very lucrative and a very profitable industry. Many sit back and think that the healthcare industry is or has Peaked. Unfortunately in my opinion has not. It has only become the small mountain that it someday will become, and I think that all young Americans and people around the world should definitely think about investments in the healthcare industry. As a matter of fact my favorite industry moving forward would have to be sleep in chronic illnesses. Why? Well let's just say that there is a very serious sleep issue. An issue of which really is growing at a very massive level. That is why if I could find companies that are related to sleep in chronic illnesses those would obviously be the stocks that I would be interested. 

Has anybody ever heard of any?

Please leave your comments and thoughts below

Friday, September 26, 2014

2 Car apps to make you Money!

Are you looking for other ways to make money? Other ways to make easy money? Other ways to make quick money? Well the facts are there are two wonderful apps that I am about to tell you about Apps that can easily help you make the money that we have been both thinking about. The first app is Lyft. This app makes you the ability to become your own taxi. Imagine being your own taxi driver on your own time. Well this is exactly what this app can allow you to do. Second think about the ability to let people borrow your car. Borrow your car on a certain restrictions. Restricting these individuals to a certain amount of mileage. Well this wonderful app RelayRides allows for you to let people use your individual car as a rental for a day a week or up to a month basis. Unfortunately the only downside is that you're only allowed to make up to $1000 a month. However at the end of the day it is in my opinion pretty much free money. Of course you're probably sitting there scratching your head saying well is there really anything to be concerned about. Well unfortunately at this point in time there is nothing to worry about ? Why? Well Lyft has a very strict background check and on top of that also set you up with another lyft driver prior to being able to be a taxi driver for these individuals. RelayRides , not only gives you a unbelievable insurance option but also thoroughly looks at the drivers prior to them coming to you and asking tomorrow your vehicle. At the end of the day these are two wonderful apps that I highly recommend you to download via the App Store. Voice your thoughts and opinions below.